Ayurvedic Facial Mask for bride

Ayurvedic Facial Mask for brideAyurvedic  Facial Mask for bride

Ayurved is a world famous way of treating things with natural things and ways, we all know that Asia and especially Indians are experts Ayurvedic treatment and we are going to share some really good Ayurvedic Facial Mask or in simple language ubtan powder recipes with you to give a special glow to your face for your special day

First of all let me tell you how to apply that

Take 1 tablespoon of powder, and add warm to hot water a bit at a time you can use milk, lemon juice, rose water or simple water in it according to your skin type. Mix well and then apply onto your face, and rub in circular motions and leave it for a while, till you will notice the bright yellow tone of the paste and some tightness. Cute Bridal Bracelets For Wedding   can make you the most beautiful.

Now leave on for 15-20 minutes and then wash it with cold water or tap water and pat dry, you can use everyday and if you feel any irritation then three times a week. What is the Ayurvedic Facial Mask? Just take a pack of Gram flour and use it for your face wash three times a day an you will see the natural beauty miracles in not time. Here is another simple ubtan recipes for you too

2 tsp lemon juice, one tablespoon glycerin and 3 tablespoon rose water and mix and mix that with simple Skinned Split Lentils powder, you can even use it all over the body and keep it for 15-20 minutes and then wash with tepid water, you will feel a smooth refreshing impact.


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