Bridal Makeover on Wedding Day 2015 2016

Bridal makeover a girl’s wedding is such a function in her, life in which she wants to be look as the most gorgeous bride of the world. In order to make come true this dream, girls started going to beauty parlors many days ago before their wedding. Beauticians usually give body and face treatments to the girls going to be bride.

Bridal Makeover on Wedding DayBridals Makeover


These body and face treatments include cleansing, scrubbing and massage with bath oils. These bridal makeover treatments started almost one week before wedding. Face and body of bride cleansed with branded cleansing lotions and then scrubbed with finely granular scrub creams. BODY WAXING of bride usually has done a day or two before wedding. Body wax easily available in market both in hot and cold forms.  Cold wax first needs to warm and then apply on body hairs in direction of body hairs, then a strip of cloth\wax strip is placed over it, pat it and remove it in the opposite direction of body hairs. In this way, waxing gives soft and neat look to bridal’s body, arms and legs.

Bridals Makeover

Now-a-days, most of beauticians use hot wax which does not need to warm and thus makes waxing more easily and quick to occur. Bridal’s body massage with fragrant bath oils also make a part of bridal’s face and body treatment. Bridal’s body massaged with oils like almond oil, mustard and olive oil, almost two or three days before wedding to give soft and soothing effect to bridal’s body after body waxing. BODY POLISHING also has an important place in bridal’s face and body treatments. In face and body polishing, branded bleaching creams used which gives a beautiful golden shiny hue to face and body of Bridal Makeover on wedding day in heavy shining lights.

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