Face Facial Steps at Home

Face Facial Steps at HomeFACIAL  A CLEANSING TREATMENT for skin which gives healthier and glowing looks to skin and remove all dirt from skin and opens pores. FACIAL is cleansing of face with steam. At home, it can be easily done by taking a large pan full of water, Warming it so that steam begin to form. Then giving steam to the face by covering head with large towel, keeping face at a distance of almost two feet away from steam pan. Taking steam for twenty minutes makes skin soft and wet. Then just wipe skin with soft napkin and remove all black heads from nose by gently pressing skin of nose.

Face Facial Steps at HomeHOME FACIAL is easy and inexpensive. TO make tighten pores of face, face mask is very effective. Extract of fruits and vegetables can be used for this purpose at home. A very effective face mask is to just apply egg white on face evenly. Leave it on face until dry then wash it with Luke warm water. A very good masks for oily skin and nourishes skin with good quality protein of egg white. After removing mask, to maintain or balance ph of skin apply skin toner. Skin toner tones skin and rose water is a good substitute for commercially available toners.

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